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Be Kind To Animals

May 1st to 7th is this year’s Be Kind to Animal’s Week.

This is that time of the year when the American Humane Association commemorates, celebrates and encourages the virtue of being kind to animals. It is an event that has been observed since 1915, and for more than a century, the American Humane Association dedicates seven days annually in its official calendar to raise awareness about the presence of the animals in our homes. Pets are without a doubt integral members of any functional community, and AHA takes the initiative this May to recognize and honor individuals, communities, and enterprises who are in one way or another involved in the welfare of our adorable four-legged companions.

How you Can Get Involved,

in the Commemoration of this Year’s Be Kind to Animals Week

cat woman photoIt starts with a small contribution, and it doesn’t have to be much. This year, American Humane Association has a dedicated website where one can pledge a few dollars towards this worthy movement that seeks to redefine the interaction between pets and their owners through the country. Closer home, you can also decide to adopt a pet from an animal shelter or a next-door neighbor. And if you have a pet, spare a few hours from your busy schedule to spend a few quality moments with them. You can volunteer at a nearby animal shelter if you don’t have one yet. Speaking of which, in the spirit of being kind to animals, this is also the best time of the year to neuter/spay your cherished furry or fine-feathered companion to keep disease and uncontrolled breeding at bay. Encourage your friends and family to do the same while at it. Go a step further and make a commitment to report any cases of animal abuse you might encounter to the nearest relevant authorities.

SOURCE: AVMA, American Humane Association
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