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Laser Therapy

ExhaustedScience has taken the use of lasers to many levels over the years. Fortunately, medical science is also benefiting from this advancement; such as vision correction and precision surgery. At Steeplechase Veterinary Hospital we offer Laser Therapy for cats and dogs. This breakthrough has the proven ability to minimize pain, speed healing, and reduce inflammation.

The form of Laser Therapy we are using at Steeplechase Veterinary Hospital stimulates the cells within the tissue to promote healing. A cascade of beneficial effects then takes place at the cellular level which accelerates blood flow, heals tissue, and reduces pain. Veterinarians are applying this technology every day to treat their patients that are in pain, have wounds, or injuries that need to heal quickly. Pets that have just had surgery or a traumatic injury benefit greatly from this therapy. A painless, quick treatment along the incision will help it to heal faster and hurt less. Wounds heal in a third to half of the time required in normal healing. Laser Therapy is also a great tool to help our senior pets that have arthritis. Along with the senior patients, hip dysplasia, back injuries or diseases, and degenerative joints can benefit from Laser Therapy. More severe cases require a series of treatments to get the full effect. Laser treatments are drug free, which is great for pets that have aversions to medications. Schedule an appointment with our vet today to learn how laser therapy can help your pet.