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Diagnostic Tools


We have two state-of-the-art digital x-ray systems available to provide a non-invasive technique to obtain information that assists our Doctors in their evaluation and diagnosis of your pet’s hard tissues, including their teeth.  These systems expose your pet to less radiation than was possible with older technology.  The resulting digital files are readily transmitted within computer environments, making possible rapid evaluation by off-site experts when necessary.  In addition digital radiography allows for significantly increased detail and, therefore, more accurate diagnosis to be made than with more  traditional x-ray film.  This is especially important in the case of our dental patients.


A modern ultrasound system provides a non-invasive technique to assist in our Doctors’ evaluation and diagnosis of conditions involving your pet’s soft tissues.  This is a powerful tool for examining internal organs and significantly reduces the need for exploratory surgery.


We have a state-of-the-art laboratory available for our skilled technicians to analyze your pet’s blood, urine, skin, and stool samples.  Comprehensive diagnostic profiles and heartworm test results are available within a few minutes so they can provide guidance to the Doctors in their discussions with you during appointments or in their on-going treatment of hospitalized patients.  In addition to pre-anesthesia profiles can be obtained on the day of surgery to ensure your pet is in good condition for the scheduled procedure.

We routinely perform numerous more complex tests such as:

  • Bile Acids for liver function
  • Cortisol testing for screening Cushing’s or Addison’s diseases
  • Total T-4 to screen for thyroid diseases
  • Canine pancreas-specific lipase to test for pancreatitis

When even more sophisticated tests are required, we use a certified outside laboratory to obtain results generally within 24 hours.