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Orthopedic Surgery

Steeplechase Veterinary Hospital is proud to be able to offer orthopedic surgery to our clients  We always try to offer the best and latest services to our clients.  Along this line, we have welcomed Dr. Mudhakar Lohani to our team.

Dr. Lohani has a strong passion for orthopedic surgeries, including more advanced techniques and experience in:

  1. Fracture repair of any kinds of bones using advanced methods.e.g. internal fixation
  2. Tibial Tuberosity Advancement, or TTA.  This technique is used to repair cranial cruciate ligament tears.
  3. Surgery to fix any grade of luxating patella
  4. Toggle and pin techniques to fix hip dislocation
  5. Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) to address hip dysplasia

In addition to the surgery itself, we are pleased to offer many post-surgical options to assist in healing.  These include post-operative laser therapy, which increased blood flow to the healing bones and tissue.  Also, we offer platelet-rich plasma infusions to speed healing or address problems that can arise post-operatively.  And additionally, we offer stem-cell therapy for cases where surgery is not an option or for special cases that require an extra boost to the healing process.